Reconnect with Nature
by keeping a pet

Raw food for more healthy, lovely cats

The best food for cats is freshly caught prey

Cats are strictly adapted carnivores who eat in the wild only small mammals, birds and insects.

Our raw food is a reassembled prey

Our natural raw food is piecemeal and balanced. It mimics the cat’s natural food that is prey.

Natural nutrition is the cornerstone of health

Our raw food avoids diseases of deficiency because it is prepared according to the precepts of Mother Nature

Understand Nature Better

Cats are Spiritual Beings

Cats are an extremely suitable companion for us because they help us maintain mental balance.

Dr Ruul provides raw cat food for health-conscious nature-lovers who want to help their cats to be more healthy, energetic, and just real cats – because our products consist of raw and chemical-free ingredients, which is close to what mother nature intended cats to eat.

Our cat raw food is honest

We prepare our raw food based on safety and quality standards for people. In doing so, we rely on the instructions of Mother Nature as well as the experience of veterinarians.

Reassembled Prey

“Kenno is a big-hearted veterinarian guided by his soul and healing pets from the inside out!”


“Although we live in another country, we have had online communication and first aid very easily and quickly”


“Our old cat has been on raw food for 3 days, and the oral hygiene has become much better!”



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